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    Study on instability induced by regulating valve

    Reviewed the unsteady complex flow control valve instability induced by the research, the author has introduced in this study plan and content.
    1 Introduction
    The regulating valve is fluid machinery ( including power machinery, chemical machinery, fluid power machinery ) in the control of flow capacity of key component, its working performance, safety and the work of the whole device performance, efficiency, reliability is closely related to. Influence on the performance of many factors, so the industry by adjusting valve caused by all kinds of accidents. According to statistics, the main valve is regulated in some cases occur serious vibration problem, even cause the stem fracture, affect the unit Quanping running ( 1 ).
    Regulating valve structure is complex, the passage is a double throat nozzle, as shown in figure 1. Prior studies have shown, the valve disc and valve seat to form a first stage nozzle, in pressure between hour will shock and flow separation phenomenon; axisymmetric system instability will cause the airflow to the strong rotation; by the valve seat is formed in the second stage nozzle is also an unstable factors, the expansion angle is too large will appear when the flow separation and unsteady flow. Regulating valve internal exhibits a complex pattern of variation and distribution, is a typical unsteady complex flow problems, it is impossible to establish the corresponding mathematical model. Therefore this research work must take the test, it is necessary to establish the corresponding test ( working with air as appropriate ) test ( 2 ).
    Home for various reasons on flow-induced vibration of control valves problems of lack of research and testing. Foreign using schlieren technique for two-dimensional axisymmetric model visualization experimental study and three element model experiment ( 2 ). But the actual valve flow induced vibration due to changes in the flow field is not shown, vibration reasons not entirely clear, mainly is the lack of reliable, effective testing method.
    Flow visualization experimental fluid mechanics is an important part of, it is the main task of the fluid properties of some to be visual representation, so as to allow flow to obtain a complete understanding, thus becoming experimental fluid mechanics is an enduring topic. PIV technology is the flow display based on image and graphics processing technology, use similar approaches to develop a new technology of flow measurement ( 3, 4 ). Particle imaging velocimetry PIV ( Particle Image Velocimetry ) can be used for measuring the flow field on the cross section of the transient velocity vector field. It 's a single point measurement and flow measuring technique has the advantages of two kinds of measurement technology, overcomes the weakness of the form, not only have a single point of measurement accuracy and resolution, but also can obtain the graphic visualization of the overall structure and transient image. This is what we study unsteady flow tests necessary means. Use of PIV and other advanced experimental technology and three visualization and relevant theoretical studies, a complete mastery of the valve of the unsteady flow characteristics and instability mechanism, in order to fundamentally eliminate or reduce the valve body flow instability causes, puts forward improving the valve and the valve seat optimized model line, improve valve reliability and economy. It has important scientific significance, but also has great economic value.
    In 2 studies current situation at home and abroad
    2.1 the domestic research status
    In the early 60's, our country has had a few medium pressure and high pressure steam turbine regulating valve pneumatic test, but the test purpose is to get the flow control valve, lift with the lift - pressure change characteristics. During this period, but also for the introduction of the regulating valve type line made some improvement ( 5 ). At that time, due to the lack of the means test, these tests are not related to the valve stability problem. Till 90 time, using a simple test device, in the nuclear power plant on muffling cover valve test and analysis ( 6 ).
    2.2 the foreign research status
    Many foreign companies in the late 70's to carry out regulation valve fluid vibration test research, such as the former Soviet Union, France, Japan and other research institutions and companies. Originally the two element model of schlieren flow spectrum method, reveals the different lift and the pressure ratio valve flow spectrum and steam in the location of the shock and change process; in the small lift, small compression ratio for high speed free jet, collected in the valve disc is caused by high frequency vibration and noise; when the lift and pressure ratio continues to increase, free jet into the attached flow, because the regime change and attached to the surface changes rendered unstable flow, causing hundreds of Hertz sesame high amplitude low frequency vibration. The subsequent development of the three element model test, measurement of valve disc and valve seat of individual point changes in pressure and valve disc in a three direction acceleration value. The method is in the valve plate surface embedded micro pressure sensor and accelerometer, along the whole surface of the integral is obtained by acting on the valve disc on the pulse power.
    2.2.1 Soviet Research ( 7 )
    The former Soviet Union in Moscow Power Engineering Institute as the representative, to the regulating valve reliability and resistance to issues such as the theoretical analysis and experimental study. With the ball valve for example, the valve disc and valve seat surface on the drilling pressure test. The valve in full lift, surface pressure changes is very severe; part of the open flow image more complex. In order to ensure the stability of the valve disc flow conditions, have taken various measures, such as the valve disc with lower borehole diameter, but does not eliminate the steam flow from reason, just try to reduce the negative effect of flow separation. The structure of the regulating valve in 1983 for use in K - 300 - 240 unit, design of resistance under low (about initial pressure 1% ), low vibration value.
    2.2.2 French Industrial Mechanical Technology Research Center ( 2 )
    Spherical valve for two-dimensional model or axisymmetric model test, the working fluid is in the air.
    Supersonic jet length equal to approximately 10 to 20 times the width of the outflow, as shown in figure 2. More than a certain lift jet beam along the axis of the Department, to form a top layer, the downstream steam flow with the valve disc at the bottom of the cavity isolates. Void due to entrainment and generate vacuum, in turn allowing flow layer deformation. When the vacuum can not resist the downstream pressure fluid infiltration, flow layer will be broken, and then return to the original state. And so began the unstable stage. As the limitation due to jet beam arising from the convergence of instability, must use the belt line of valve disc, so as to meet the:
    ( 1) the flow stability; ( 2) a short distance effective mixed; ( 3) without any rotational fluid flow downstream.
    Improved method is in contact with the ring nozzle begins processing a plurality of diffusion groove, are respectively arranged on the nozzle of the same size, by conventional nozzles are spaced apart, as shown in figure 3. This two shares of steam flow in the interface occurs strongly mixing. Due to viscous dissipation effects, if the shock wave strength, belonging to middle. This mixture is extremely complex, difficult to calculate, but induced disturbance elimination.
    2.2.3 research in Japan ( 1 )
    ( 1) the Toshiba company development of the balance type regulating valve ( 8 ). It consists of a main valve disc and a valve component, by changing the equilibrated valve travel ways to avoid the resonance, good anti-vibration effect, has been used in a lot of thermal power units.
    ( 2) Hitachi developed vibration type regulating valve ( 9 ). Through a large number of experimental studies, confirm the vibration of control valves in the valve disc is mainly due to peripheral asymmetry, unstable flow of the valve disc vibration caused by. Improved method is that the curvature radius R2 of the valve disc valve seat is larger than the curvature radius R1 of the valve disc is provided with a notch; the lower edge, so that the steam flow from the valve plate surface forced separation. Air test and steam tests show that according to this method of vibration type regulating valve damping effect is obvious, has been used in thermal power plant.
    Although the valve in original design have been simulated air blowing test, but the experimental conditions and actual working condition have some differences, in the actual work still appears to be unstable state. From the information available at present, the main problems are: adjusting valve in a compression ratio and opening, may appear free jet and the valve discs or seat attached flow alternating change, caused by unsteady flow. To solve the problem of valve vibration accident, can be taken from the structure strengthening method, the scene can also be used to adjust the parameters of vibration system means to restrain the vibration level. But these are the negative method, basic measure is from fluid dynamics of valve within the flow instability, so as to find out the reason, eliminate vibration ( 10 ). In conclusion, regulating valve in the unstable flow of forced vibration with random vibration characteristics, at the same time, but three yuan of flow properties are not very clear. Therefore to study the actual valve three dimensional flow pattern, so that the regulating valve reconstruction is more effective.
    3 plans for future research
    The future of unsteady complex flow induced by regulating valve instability studies should be mainly based on experiment research, complemented by numerical calculation. We plan on the basis of theoretical analysis, design, processing and several kinds of the most commonly used typical valve ( such as OP II - 85 type, G type, EC - 301 type ) of test pieces, through the experimental study and numerical calculation method, and inspect all the valves in the different compression ratio, different lift produce unstable flow properties, find out the main factors and put forward the vibration damping measures, thereby improving the valve type line design. To this end, plans to take the following measures:
    ( 1) using PIV technique for flow visualization and measurement, with velocity vector distribution law;
    ( 2) using high-speed photography for measurement of vibration parameter;
    ( 3) using high frequency acquisition system for measuring transient key parts of the pressure distribution law.
    Using the above three techniques for flow model test research, access to the valve key parts of the important technical data, analysis, induction and its regularity.
    ( 4) the existing calculation software based on further development of regulating valve, calculation of unsteady supersonic flow, the calculation procedure, and use test to validate and perfect.
    The work is divided into the test section and the numerical part.
    The 3.1 part test
    Including the test piece and its import and export connection section in the design and processing, installation and commissioning test, measurement and display of test, test data analysis.
    The 3.2 data generalization and the numerical part
    On several valve test data were integrated, Baconian, analysis; further development of turbulent flow calculation procedures, find out the valve flow instability factors, puts forward the improvement measures; combined with the test results and numerical results can design an improved line or the structure of the new type of valve, and corresponding complementary tests and numerical simulation, validation of the new valve stability and economy.
    4 Summary
    Regulating valve structure is very complex, its internal flow instability is a typical unsteady complex flow problems, but also the study of fluid mechanics is a frontier research course. Previously in experimental studies due to the lack of reliable, efficient means of testing, did not reveal a fundamental cause of valve vibration. Using PIV as the most advanced flow measurement and display technology for regulating valve three yuan visualization model test, in order to obtain first-hand on fluid induced vibration of the important information, and through the theoretical analysis and numerical calculation of the vibration of the main factors to find out the cause, in order for the structure or type line improvement to provide important technical basis.
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